Friday, October 15, 2010

Sugar cube

Petrified by his gesture at my mom, I tip toed towards the door like a soldier who enters an enemy’s camp with utmost stealth and caution. Days have become long for me nowadays. And the last day was one such never ending day, an exhausting one in fact. On the way to work, I was thinking about this little guy, my nephew. You would never say that he is a quarter to 2 by looking at his acts. He even outsmarts you at times with his piquant body language, capable of even amusing grumpy big monks next door.

Mom was stunned seeing him glowering at her when she ordered not to intrude me while I start to office. It was not his acute stare at her that surprised me but the way he rested his arms around his waist and ordered her not to glue him to a place. Well, it was like Achilles glaring at the Trojan prince in front of the Trojan wall. Mom grabbed him with her hands and kissed him passionately, looking happily at his face as if he’d won a Bafta.

He peed in my body when refused a drive, pooped in my dinner plate when refused a bribe and scratched my face when refused a shoulder, my elementary elegance.

Once when I was yelling at my mom for water, this lil guy carried a glass of water pouring it here and there, propounding me only quarter the actual content with the glass painted in brown out of the dirt from his palm, the cutest of the arts. Some say that children are the pathway to eternity. I have seen it here on earth, in his bright eyes, by his acts. Sacred he is!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

A letter to my lost love

Dear xxx,

I’m not the one which I used to be earlier. Wandering around places, chitchatting with friends has always been my business. I was a careless kite that crosses all limits without knowing its destination. Isn’t it you who changed the way things were? Didn’t you say, “You’re the world for me.”? Now my world is dark and everyone in it is asleep. I’ve really got no one to share my feelings, no one to pat me and say, ”She’ll be back”. The actual reason for my loneliness is that I never shared my hard times with anyone. God!! I’m running out of companions. Wait a minute, is this really me? Where is that charm in the atmosphere when I crack cheesy, laugh-out-loud jokes.

Those 19 years without you were carefree, adventurous, active and these 3 years with you have been heavenly, joyful and eye opening. I really felt like I was reborn, just like new blood gushing out of my veins. I enjoyed your company, rejoiced your hugs, re-invented me in your kisses and became a child in your care. Am I good to you? Do you still love me the same way you did years back? Did I disappoint you in anyway? Why is that I’ve become possessive about you? Why is that I cry inside when I play with my memories? Is it because those would never happen again? And why am I asking hell lot of questions to myself? Well, that’s what my problem is all about.

I just want to tell you that I love you the same way I did when we first met. My love for you would never drop. May be you would look back someday and feel that I’m the best you’ve ever had in your life but I don’t know whether I would be available to rejoice that moment again. They say that angels would come down someday. I’ve already seen one, my EARTH ANGEL.

your loving, Vanilla Heart